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The Sevenfold Constitution of Man

Yes, we all operate at 7 levels



We’re all familiar with the physical body and to some people the physical body is the whole self.

It is, however, a bit more complicated than that and can be a bit of a shock for those who identify too closely with the physical self.


Our physical body represents only the visible manifestation of ourselves on the physical plane of nature. There are six other planes of nature and we are all represented on each one. To put in an appearance we have a body or principle corresponding to each plane.


Beginning with the most dense (physical body) here are the 7 principles of man


The Physical Body

Needs no introduction – deals with the material plane – Look after it, you only get one per life.


The Model Body

This is the template for your physical body and is formed before birth.


The Energy Body

Also known as the body of Prana, this give you life energy drawn form the sun. this energy withdraws when you die.


The Desire Body

This carries your emotions


The four principles mentioned above are known as the lower quaternary as they are discarded when you die and you get new ones for your next life.


The next three principles are known as the upper triad and their combination provides a link to the next life in the form of the Reincarnating Ego


The Mental Body

The is thought capacity and is divided into Lower Mental and Higher Mental


The Buddhic Principle

This is the vehicle for the Divine Spark within you and identifies you as an individual life entity.


The Atma

The piece of The Divine or Divine Spark within you


At physical death the Higher Mental Body combines with Atma and Buddhi to form the Reincarnating Ego also know as the Causal Body. This provides a link from life to life.


The Reincarnating Ego is not the personality ego, which is formed mainly through interaction of the Lower Mental Body and the Desire Body with possibly but not always some influence from the higher principles.



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